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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tips on How to Get the Best Student Loan Consolidation Rates

Many students are facing tremendous student loan debts. If you find yourself seriously considering consolidating your various students loan into one, here are some important tips that you have to consider in getting the best student loan consolidation rates.

What is a student loan consolidation rate? It is one of the most important factor that will determine the cost of borrowing money that will assist you in getting a higher education. Different companies offer different rates. Before you make any decision which institution where you want your loans consolidated, you have to analyze the interest rates they offer.

First, the rate in compounding the various loans should be lower than any of the individual loans. It would definitely be to your advantage if you can get the lowest interest rate there is. As you compound these loans, you will be getting one single loan with a single rate and a single payment every month. Depending on how long you want your repayment period to be, it will help you determine exactly how much you will be paying as a whole. A lower interest would mean a lower total payment.

Interest rate use to consolidate your loans should be fixed; meaning the rate you started out with will remain the same for the whole period of the loan. It is unavoidable due to the market trend that interest rates will go up in time. So even if you take advantage of a more competitive rate, there is a chance that it will increase and you will end up paying a bigger amount of money. You wouldn't want this to happen. Securing a loan with even the slightest difference in interest rate can save you money.

While shopping for consolidating firms, it is also to your advantage if you can ask for additional benefits from lenders. There are some who offers extra bonuses especially if you are up to date in payment or you signed up for an automatic withdraw payment from your savings or checking account. These slight interest rate discounts can be helpful in saving you money while you pay off your loan.

There are many lending institutions who offer consolidation as a means for you to get out of your financial setback. However, it is still to your advantage that you should take the time to scout for one that offers a competitive interest rate that will save you money in the long run.

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College Loans Consolidation In Practice

The financial situation of a borrower could be unsettling when there are different loans from different sources with differing conditions to each of the loans. This situation is typical of college graduates who depend on educational loans to finance their college education. This is because college education can be very expensive where there is not much support from parents or where such support is inadequate and an educational scholarship is inaccessible, it becomes necessary for funds to be taken from other sources, and the most feasible is taking a loan.

In such circumstances, the best decision is loans consolidation which means surrendering all the loans to one loans provider. The chosen company pays the other existing loan providers and enters into a fresh agreement with the debtor. This enables the one who takes a loan to enjoy the benefit of having all the loans under a single management and also to have the opportunity to negotiate better interest rates. A longer period for loan repayment would obviously result in reduced amounts of monthly repayment. Also, a negotiated interest rate could reduce the interest rate and bring down the total amount to be repaid. Thus the borrower is given financial relief and is able to cater for other necessities thus improve the quality of life after graduation.

To achieve the best out of college loan consolidation, the loan consolidation company (the lender) has to be chosen carefully. The choice has to be made from a pool of other similar companies after some details have been carefully considered. They include the previous financial history of people behind the company in terms of integrity. A dubious company could change the rules mid-way and thereby give room for conflict. Also, the interest rates and repayment periods among the companies under consideration must be compared. The client may have to use the services of advisors or relevant agents in arriving at the choice of company.

Conclusively, loans consolidation is one choice open to those who still have college loans to repay in order to avoid embarrassment, sustain enthusiasm at work, and ensure that hopes and aspiration of a good life after graduation are kept alive.

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Guide to Consolidating Student Loans at a Fixed Rate

Does school never end? If you are like many former students, you may be struggling under one or more private student loans. One way to save yourself some money and some hassle is bringing all your private student loans under one fixed interest rate plan

Gaining Control

What if all you private student loans were rolled into one bundle? Then you would have only a single monthly payment, to a single lender, at one a single day of the month, at a single fixed-rate interest, and with a single maturity date, or pay-off date. Cool? Yes? Yes.

Lower Payments

If you are smart, when you approach a lender to consolidate your loan, you will finagle a good fixed low interest rate. And your payment to that one lender will be substantially less than the two or multiple payments you were wrestling with earlier, especially if you extend the maturity date.

Fixed Rates

Many student loans when made initially had interest rates that fluctuate with the expediencies of the lending markets and prime rate considerations. With a fixed interest rate, you do not have to worry about the markets. Once you have a rate locked in, your loan stays at that interest rate through the life of the loan. This means no unexpected surprises for your monthly budget.

Credit Rating

Here is another factor in favor of private student loan consolidation -- it can improve your credit standing. Having a bunch of outstanding debts on your credit report does not look too red hot to prospective lenders. What looks really good is a number of debts responsibly retired. With a private student loan consolidation, a better score can be yours.

Federal Student Loans

One downside is that you will probably not want to pull your federal student loans into the same consolidation package, because federal loans usually carry terrific interest rates that may be hard to duplicate in the private lender sector. If you have one or more federal student loans, you may want to consolidate them first. A private lender who sees that you are managing your finances well by doing that, will probably be more willing to lend you money to cover your private loans.

Credit Cards

If you are like most students, school perhaps caused you to incur rather hefty balances on one or more credit cards. If you can prove that those debts were education related, you can probably have those included in your private student loan consolidation plan as well. Your lender should be willing to work with you on this. This would be quite helpful because credit cards carry pretty high interest rates. Again, getting these off your credit report with a paid-in-full designation will only help your credit record.

Negotiating Your Interest

If you are really wise, you will go online and download a free weighted-interest rate calculator. Take it and enter the interest rates and other details across all you outstanding private student loans. This will give you an average of what you are paying in interest. This gives you a negotiating point. You want to get at least the interest the calculator specifies, but talk your way into one lower if you can.

Worth The Effort

Consolidating your student loans may seem like pretty much a hassle. It is worth it just in terms of piece of mind and bringing a little order to your financial life. Of course, what is wrong with having a little bit better cash flow in any given month? That alone is reason enough to opt for consolidation.

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Private Student Loans - Considerations For Consolidation

If you have outstanding private as well as federal student loans, to take advantages that each has to offer, when you consider consolidation you should do them separately. Federal loans usually have lower interest rates, so consolidating them is another sort of ball game.

Consider That They Are Rolled Into One

The amount of your consolidation loan is not a big issue, it simply reflects the amount you need to pay off all of your private student loans. This is a figure you have probably had in the back of your mind anyway. It is what the cost will be so you will have a new single payment. But, understand, that the single loan will probably require far less for each monthly payment than you are making for the sum of two or more other loans that you may be presently carrying.

Consider The Benefits

What you are basically doing is having one payment, to one lender, on one day of the month, at one interest rate, at one payoff date. Having different payment amounts, to different lenders, due on different days of the month, at different interest rates, with different pay off dates, well, you will save money on postage and envelopes alone.

Consider Your Weighted Interest Rate

Speaking of interest rates, if you have been paying your various loans regularly, you should be able to get an interest lower than that of your various loans. If you have improved your credit rating by just 50 points, you should be eligible for more competitive rates. Online you can find weighted interest rates calculators that will give you an average of the interest rate among loans you are presently carrying. This will help you negotiate a reasonable interest when you go for your private student loan consolidation.

Consider Your Current Lenders

Although it is prudent to shop around for the best rates on consolidating your private student loans, you may want to speak to one of your loan holders you are presently paying. They may be more than willing to work with you. Nevertheless, be armed with quotes from other lenders so you have some ammunition when you negotiate the consolidation. Actually, no matter who you negotiate with, it is good to have quotes from others.

Consider a Home Equity Student Loan Payoff

Another way to pay off all your outstanding private student loans would be getting a home equity loan. If you have considerably equity in your home, you could borrow against that equity to pay off any standing student loan amounts. One good thing about this approach is that you can usually lock in an interest rate rather than having to deal with a variable interest rate that is somewhat common in the student loan consolidation market.

Consider the Future

Just because a lender may agree to consolidate you student loans, do not let them think that they are doing you a favor. It is the other way around. You are doing them a favor by giving them your business. Before you sign anything, make sure the terms, rates, and conditions are comfortable. Once you get your private student loans cornered and manageable, you will want to start thinking of ways to reduce the burden of any federal student loans you may be struggling with.

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